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Preventa XPS Universal safety modules in PLC Drives portfolio

Preventa XPS Universal is a wide range of wired security modules belonging to the Schneider Harmony family. The Preventa XPS Universal series are the basic modules that are the most common choice for easy management of simple safety functions in machines with easy or medium complexity. The modules feature a point-to-point cable connection between the modules' solid-state output and the standard PLC input, allowing up to 40 different messages to be sent from the Preventa XPS Universal modules. This direct connection is an advantage in its form:

- reduce machine downtime (faster and direct information exchange)
- information (through the intelligent auxiliary output of the modules) about upcoming test cycles or the number of remaining cycles before end of life

The Preventa XPS modules are in line with Schneider Electric's ECODESIGN philosophy, which means that the products do not contain PVC in their construction, and the increased energy efficiency reduces CO2 by 24% over the entire product life cycle.
The Preventa XPS provides a variety of diagnostic information and status messages, and is easy to use thanks to its integration, which eliminates the use of fieldbus for extra cost savings. The modules are tailored to several safety functions, reducing the number of devices covering a fairly large range of safety functions and simplifying procedures for supplying spare parts or new components. Characteristic features and technical parameters of the modules are, among others, width, which, depending on the model, is 22.5 or 45 mm, facilitating the connection of 2 rows of screw or spring terminals located both on the top and bottom of the device. In addition, the side connectors of the expansion modules eliminate the need for external cabling (except for XPSUAB and XPSUEP models). The IP40 standard housing (IP20 connectors), transparent covers to prevent unintentional change of the rotary switch settings and the possibility of direct mounting on a wall or DIN rail increase the functionality of the modules. It should be noted that all references have 2 power supply variants, 24 VAC/DC and wide range from 48 to 240 VAC/DC. These modules are most often used in lifting, handling and material handling applications, food and beverage production and in the packaging process.

Safety modules Preventa XPS Universal (Type XPSUAB)

The XPSUAB series of modules consists of 4 product units, the first two are powered by 24 VAC/DC and are models; XPSUAB11CC with spring terminals and XPSUAB11CP with screw terminals, the next two are already powered by 48-240 VAC/DC, the model with spring terminals is XPSUAB31CC and the model with screw terminals is XPSUAB31CP. XPSUAB series modules are dedicated for monitoring emergency stop, burglary contacts, protective and magnetic switches, proximity safety and RFID safety switches, as well as for monitoring light security curtains or two-handed service stations. Using the example of the latter, we will introduce the principle of operation of XPSUAB safety modules. These modules are designed for monitoring type IIIA workstations, which must comply with ISO 13851 standard and must be designed in such a way that they cannot be easily immobilized or inadvertently activated. At some stations (whose operation determines the specific application), the requirements of type C standards, specific to the machine, must be met. In this case, synchronous activation is a safeguard for the initiation of dangerous movements, which means that both operators in a two-handed application must be activated at an interval of only 0.5 s. If one of the two buttons is released during a dangerous movement, the control process is stopped. The operation can be resumed as soon as both buttons are returned to their original position and the reactivation is done at a fixed interval. The prerequisite for the manual control IIIA is an adequate safety distance between the danger zone and the controls. This distance is to be sufficient so that it is not possible to reach the danger zone before a sensitive operation is completed or stopped when one of the operators releases the button. Only in the case of automatic start up, XPSUAB Safety Modules are used to monitor the two-handed IIIA control and 6 LEDs on the front panel indicate the status of the monitoring circuit. Below is the I/O list available in the module:

- start input: automatic, manual and controlled start
- safety input: 1
- control outputs: 2 configurable pulse outputs ON/OFF
- safety output: 1 single switching output
- diagnostic output: 1 solid-state diagnostic output with full status information

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