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SIMATIC RTLS – Real-Time Location System


SIMATIC RTLS – Real-Time Location System In the Siemens product range, it is the SINAMICS drives that are responsible for the smooth movement of articles in your plant. When it comes to localization and communication of moving vehicles and equipment, SIMATIC RTLS is the system responsible. This system is a key element in the infrastructure […]

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ZELIO RSL slim interface relays in PLC Center


Schneider Electric Zelio RSL Slim Interface Relays Zelio RSL slim interface relays offer a modular, ultra-compact design, significantly contributing to reduced enclosure size while improving machine reliability. Among the many advantages of Schneider Electric’s Zelio RSL interface relays are those that translate measurably into benefits for manufacturers of industrial automation machinery, energy management or conveyor […]

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The most compact PLC’s of Modicon series – M340


Schneider Electric Modicon M340 Controllers The American company Bedford Associates created the first programmable logic controller (PLC) in 1968 for service an electronic replacement for hard-wired relay systems. The success of the invention gave rise to a global revolution in industry. PLCs implement intelligence and logic in machines and automated processes used in industry, infrastructure, […]

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Siemens SIPLUS Rail – extreme solution for rail


Siemens SIPLUS extreme Rail Some time ago Siemens automation controllers for rail applications and industrial communications were introduced it to the market. Let’s write something about those in general, SIPLUS extreme products are tested for several days in a cycle of heat, cold, and moisture at temperatures from -40° to +70° Celsius. Temperature information during […]

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Preventa XPSUS and XPSUEP modules from Schneider


Schneider Preventa XPS Universal Preventa XPS Universal, as you already know, is a wide range of safety modules, part of the Schneider Harmony family. Let me remind you the characteristics of these modules: – easy wire-based integration – each module is adapted to several safety functions – they have 2 rows of screw or spring […]

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Preventa XPSUAT and XPSUDN modules from Schneider


Schneider Preventa XPS Universal Preventa XPS Universal safety modules in PLC Drives offer In the previous posts we briefly characterized the first three module series (Schneider XPSUAB, XPSUAF and XPSUAK) opening the product range of Preventa XPS Universal from the Schneider Harmony family. In this entry we will discuss two more series of security modules, […]

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Preventa XPSUAF and XPSUAK modules from Schneider


Schneider Preventa XPS Universal Preventa XPS Universal safety modules in PLC Drives portfolio As mentioned in the previous article, Preventa XPS Universal is a wide range of security modules, belonging to the Schneider Harmony family. It is worth recalling the characteristics of the modules, which are characterized by their features: – easy wire-based integration – […]

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Schneider Preventa XPS, your first choice security modules


Schneider Preventa XPS Universal Preventa XPS Universal safety modules in PLC Drives portfolio Preventa XPS Universal is a wide range of wired security modules belonging to the Schneider Harmony family. The Preventa XPS Universal series are the basic modules that are the most common choice for easy management of simple safety functions in machines with […]

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