Preventa XPSUAF and XPSUAK modules from Schneider

Schneider Preventa XPS Universal


Preventa XPS Universal safety modules in PLC Drives portfolio

As mentioned in the previous article, Preventa XPS Universal is a wide range of security modules, belonging to the Schneider Harmony family. It is worth recalling the characteristics of the modules, which are characterized by their features:

- easy wire-based integration
- each module is adapted to several safety functions
- have 2 rows of screw or spring clamps at the top and bottom of the unit
- enclosures made in IP40 standard
- can be directly mounted on the wall or DIN rail
- 2 power variants; 24 VAC/DC or 48 to 240 VAC/DC

In this post we will discuss another series of modules from the Preventa XPS Universal series, which will be XPSUAF and XPSUAK versions.

Safety modules Preventa XPS Universal (Type XPSUAF)

The XPSUAF module series consists of 4 reference numbers; the XPSUAF13AC model is a 24 VAC/DC powered version with spring terminals, the XPSUAF13AP model is also 24 VAC/DC powered with screw terminals. The next two models are 48 to 240 VAC/DC broadband power supply and, as before, XPSUAF33AC is offered with spring terminals and XPSUAF33AP with screw terminals. The XPSUAF series is dedicated to tasks like this:

- emergency stop monitoring according to ISO 13850
- protective door switches, coded magnetic switches
- proximity safety switches
- PNP sensors
- monitoring of RFID security switches
- monitoring of safety light curtains with semiconductor safety outputs with testing function

XPSUAF series modules are used to immediately stop dangerous movements when a problem is detected in the safety circuit or when the operator initiates the stop process. This is to protect the operator himself as well as the machine or plant, thus eliminating potential damage and additional costs caused by downtime. The design of the XPSUAF modules significantly simplifies the operation and configuration of the modules themselves thanks to the possibility to choose functions and set the start function from the module front panel. Semiconductor diagnostic outputs provide the necessary information about system status and facilitate maintenance. Additionally, 6 LEDs on the front panel of the modules inform about the status of the monitoring system. Below is the I/O list available in the module:

- start input: automatic, manual and controlled start
- safety input: 2
- control outputs: 3 configurable pulse outputs ON/OFF
- safety outputs: 3 NO
- diagnostic output: 1 solid-state diagnostic output with full status information

As with the XPSUAB modules, the XPSUAF series is aimed at applications in the lifting, handling and processing of materials, food and beverage production and packaging process.

Safety modules Preventa XPS Universal (Type XPSUAK)

XPSUAK series Preventa modules are the following reference numbers:

- XPSUDN13AC - voltage 24 VAC/DC - spring terminals
- XPSUDN13AP - 24 VAC/DC voltage - screw terminals
- XPSUDN33AC - voltage 48 to 240 VAC/DC - spring terminals
- XPSUDN33AP - voltage 48 to 240 VAC/DC - screw terminals

Like the XPSUAF series, they are devices designed to immediately stop a dangerous operation upon receiving a signal from the operator or upon detection of a safety circuit problem, while the XPSUAF or XPSUAB series have different possibilities to be used for monitoring emergency stop circuits according to ISO 13850, monitoring of sensor pairs, 1 PNP + 1 NPN sensors as well as 4-wire detection or edge mats according to ISO 13856.

Available I/O in XPSUAK series modules:

- start input: automatic, manual and controlled start
- safety input: 2
- control outputs: 3 configurable pulse outputs ON/OFF
- safety outputs: 2 NO + 1 NC
- diagnostic outputs: 1 solid-state diagnostic output with full status information

In addition, the XPSUAK to XPSUAF modules offer 20 terminal blocks compared to 16 in the XPSUAF series.

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