Preventa XPSUAT and XPSUDN modules from Schneider

Schneider Preventa XPS Universal


Preventa XPS Universal safety modules in PLC Drives offer

In the previous posts we briefly characterized the first three module series (Schneider XPSUAB, XPSUAF and XPSUAK) opening the product range of Preventa XPS Universal from the Schneider Harmony family. In this entry we will discuss two more series of security modules, XPSUAT and XPSUDN, which have additional functionalities to those discussed earlier. Nevertheless, the main features of the modules that distinguish the Preventa XPS product range are unchanged:

- easy integration based on wired connections

- each module is adapted to several safety functions

- the modules have 2 rows of screw or spring clamps at the top and bottom of the unit

- the enclosures are made in IP40 standard

- can be directly mounted on the wall or DIN rail

- 2 power options; 24 VAC/DC or 48 to 240 VAC/DC

Safety modules Preventa XPS Universal (Type XPSUAT)

The XPSUAT Preventa module series is similar to the XPSUAB, XPSUAF and XPSUAK series; 4 reference numbers, divided according to the supply voltage and differences in the terminals offered. The reference numbers for 24 VAC/DC power supply are XPSUAT13A3AC and XPSUAT13A3AP, the first is a version with a spring terminal and the second is equipped with screw terminals for wire connections. For broadband power supply from 48 to 240 VAC/DC, there are models with reference numbers:

- XPSUAT33A3AC equipped with spring terminals

- XPSUAT33A3AP equipped with screw terminals

Preventa Universal XPSUAT are safety modules designed to monitor emergency shutdown circuits or switches actuated by safety devices such as mechanical protection switches or magnetic switches with antivalent contacts or 2NC. They can also be PNP or 1PNP + 1NPN sensors, RFID proximity switches and proximity safety sensors with antivalent contacts. Monitoring via XPSUAT modules also includes 4-wire detection mats and light curtains according to IEC 61496-1 with relay safety outputs with test function. An important difference from the modules discussed in the previous articles is the fact that the XPSUAT modules are equipped with time delay outputs of Stop 1 category, which allow for fully controlled motor braking until complete stopping. The delay time can be set between 0.1s and 15 minutes. After the specified time/deceleration, the power is disconnected by opening the time delay output circuits. In addition, Preventa XPSUAT modules have safety outputs for immediate opening of Stop 0 category.

Below is a list of some of the inputs and outputs that XPSUAT module is equipped with:

- start input: automatic, manual and controlled start

- security inputs: 2 positive 24 VDC inputs, 1 negative safety input

- control outputs: 4 configurable pulse outputs ON/OFF

- security outputs: 3 NO instantaneous + 3 NO configurable + 1 NC configurable

- diagnostic outputs: 1 solid-state diagnostic output for time delay termination and 1 solid-state diagnostic output

The semiconductor diagnostic outputs with a full range of circuit status information greatly simplify maintenance as well as the 8 signaling LEDs on the module's front panel.

Safety modules Preventa XPS Universal (Type XPSUDN)

Like the Preventa XPSUAT series, the Preventa XPSUDN modules have 4 reference models/numbers, which are differentiated by power supply and terminal types. Modules designed for 24 VAC/DC power supply are XPSUDN13AC models equipped with spring terminals and XPSUDN13AP which has screw terminals. The 48 to 240 VAC/DC wide band power supply is supported by two more modules with the XPSUDN33AC and XPSUDN33AP catalog numbers, just as before, the first is available with spring terminals, and scond with screw terminals. Preventa Universal XPSUDN are safety modules designed to monitor emergency shutdown circuits or switches actuated by safety devices such as mechanical protection switches or magnetic switches with antivalent contacts or 2NC. They can also be PNP sensors and RFID proximity switches. Monitoring via XPSUDNT modules also includes light curtains according to IEC 61496-1 with safety relay outputs with test function. These capabilities and the start function can be configured by means of selection switches from the module's front panel, which also contains 16 LEDs that inform about the status of the monitored circuits. XPSUDN Preventa modules are equipped with 6 safety inputs, automatic, manual and controlled start inputs, 7 configurable ON/OFF control outputs, one diagnostic semi-relay output and safety outputs in 3NO + 1NC configuration. Unlike the XPSUAT series, the XPSUDN modules have 32 terminal blocks compared to 27.

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