Preventa XPSUS and XPSUEP modules from Schneider

Schneider Preventa XPS Universal

Schneider XPSUS & XPSUEP

Preventa XPS Universal safety modules from PLC Drives

Preventa XPS Universal, as you already know, is a wide range of safety modules, part of the Schneider Harmony family. Let me remind you the characteristics of these modules:

- easy wire-based integration
- each module is adapted to several safety functions
- they have 2 rows of screw or spring terminals on the top and bottom of the device
- IP40 enclosure standard
- can be mounted directly on wall or DIN rail
- 2 power supply options; 24 VAC/DC or 48 to 240 VAC/DC

Safety modules Preventa XPS Universal (Type XPSUS)

XPSUS modules series, is a product group consisting of 4 reference numbers. The first two models are XPSUS12AC and XPSUS12AP, these are 24 VAC/DC powered versions of the modules and differ only in the terminals, the XPSUS12AC version has spring terminals, while the second XPSUS12AP has screw terminals. The next two models in the XPSUS module range are those having wideband power supply from 48 to 240 VAC/DC. The version of the module marked XPSUS32AC is equipped with screw terminals while XPSUS32AP version is equipped with screw terminals. The XPSUS series of modules in Schneider's Preventa XPS Universal range is dedicated for the following safety solutions:

- monitoring of emergency and protection switches
- magnetic switches
- PNP sensors
- RFID safety switches
- light curtains and two-hand control points and enabling switches

The XPSUS modules are required for IIIA IIIC specification two-hand control stations to meet the international ISO 13851 standard, which, among other things, specifies how the stations must be designed so that they cannot be accidentally triggered or easily disabled. In order to start a machine movement that is considered hazardous, operators of two-hand control stations must activate the buttons with an interval of 0.5 s, this is called synchronous activation. As soon as the pushbutton is released during a hazardous operation, the action is stopped and the operation can only be resumed when both pushbuttons are returned to their initial position and activated within the required time interval.

For automatic start and manual start with monitored start, XPSUS safety series modules are used to monitor:

- 2 circuit breakers according to ISO 13850
- Emergency stop devices according to ISO 14119
- Light curtains type 4 according to IEC 61496 with solid-state safety outputs with test function

For automatic start only, XPSUS modules monitor one IIIA and IIIC two-hand control station or enabling switch.

The following are the most important features of the XPSUS modules:

- start input: automatic, manual and controlled start
- 2x Safety inputs
- 3x Control outputs, configurable ON/OFF pulse outputs
- Safety outputs: 2 NO
- Diagnostic outputs: 1 solid state diagnostic output with full device status information
- Connection type: removable terminal strips
- Safety connection for extension

Safety modules Preventa XPS Universal (Type XPSUEP)

XPSUEP modules series consists of 4 models for two types of power supply. The 24 VAC/DC power supply is designated XPSUEP14AC (spring terminals) and XPSUEP14AP (screw terminals), while the broadband power supply is designated XPSUEP34AC (spring terminals) and XPSUEP34AP (screw terminals). The XPSUEP series is used to expand the number of safety output contacts in Schneider XPS Universal modules and are available as add-ons to base modules. These modules are equipped with 3 LEDs on the front panel to indicate the status of the monitoring circuit.

Below are the most important features of the XPSUEP modules:

- start input: dependent hosto module
- safety outputs: 4 NO + 2 single NC
- connection: to the module base with special connector
- diagnostic outputs: 1 solid-state diagnostic output with full device status information
- connection type: removable terminal strips
- terminals: 16

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