Siemens SIPLUS Rail – extreme solution for rail

Siemens SIPLUS extreme Rail


Siemens SIPLUS Rail – extreme solution for rail.

Some time ago Siemens automation controllers for rail applications and industrial communications were introduced it to the market. Let’s write something about those in general, SIPLUS extreme products are tested for several days in a cycle of heat, cold, and moisture at temperatures from -40° to +70° Celsius. Temperature information during operation specifies the permanently permitted low and high temperature range. The start-up temperature is the lower admissible limit for putting the products into operation. The unique finish on SIPLUS extreme products means they’ll withstand 100 percent relative atmospheric humidity and will also operate flawlessly even when ice builds up.

Components that are used in rail applications have to work safely and reliably at all times, even under extreme and harsh conditions such as major temperature fluctuations, condensation, impacts, and vibration. The SIPLUS extreme RAIL product range gives you access to controllers and components that meet these requirements at the highest level. Siemens SIPLUS extreme RAIL products comply with railroad standards and are immune all kinds of environmental influences to overcome the day-to-day challenges of rail operation, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The rail-tested and approved SIPLUS extreme rail products are based on the Simatic S7 controllers and are specially designed for the extreme conditions encountered in rail applications. The new range includes:

- the SIPLUS extreme Rail S7-1500 like 6AG2516-3AN01-4AB0 (based on 6ES7516-3AN01-0AB0)

- S7-1200 Advanced like 6AG2214-1AG40-1XB0 (based on 6ES7214-1AG40-0XB0)

- Basic and Distributed controllers with ET 200SP like 6AG2132-6BD20-4BA0 (based on the 6ES7132-6BD20-0BA0) as well as the SIPLUS HMI KP300 Basic rail panel i.e. 6AG2647-0AH11-1AX0 (based on the 6AV6647-0AH11-3AX0) for operator control and monitoring.

From climate control to controlling fire-alarm and fire-extinguishing systems, lighting, and every other system that is implemented on the train, Siemens SIPLUS extreme RAIL products are perfectly suited to a whole range of rail transport applications in trains and trams. Those products and systems have been tested to ensure they satisfy the demands imposed by extreme harsh and variable conditions. For rolling stock applications, testing was extended to include fire performance and side effects of fire on all the materials used. The fire load values required for EN 45545 are available in all modules, and they can be made available at any time as required. For configuration and commissioning of the new SIPLUS extreme rail devices, the user can use Totally Integrated Automation (TIA): open system architecture ensures efficient interoperability of all automation components and TIA Portal Engineering framework: uniform operating concept, consistent data management and a smart library concept ensure faster and lower-cost engineering.
Using this coordinated system, comprising SIPLUS extreme rail equipment, Profinet-based communication and engineering in the TIA Portal, the user can create efficient automation solutions for rail applications. Flexibility us achieved by safety functions:

- SIL- and non-SIL-relevant applications can be easily implemented in a single system and by variety of applications

- modular structure permits flexible utilization in many different rail applications.

Integrated security is supported by protection from:

-  unauthorized access

-  for increased availability while in operation and protection from third-party attack

- access protection and protection from manipulation, protection of expertise, copy protection.

As mentioned before range of SIPLUS Rail products includes the SIPLUS extreme Rail S7-1500 and S7-1200 Advanced, Basic and Distributed controllers with ET 200SP, as well as the SIPLUS HMI KP300 Basic rail panel for operator control and monitoring. The modular SIPLUS extreme S7-1200 RAIL controller is our system for executing simple, high-accuracy automation tasks in rail-based transport. A compact design with integrated I/O components and adaptable communication interfaces ensure reliable control of end-to-end automation solutions. The range of applications extends from controlling the sanding unit to the hygiene cabins and the lighting system. The SIPLUS S7-1500 RAIL advanced controller sets new standards for maximum system performance with diverse innovations. Its modular design ensures a high level of flexibility and means that the ideal solution can be found for every application. It has a wide range of applications both within the train – for example, in controlling air-conditioning systems, lighting systems, doors, and in the wider rail environment to control signaling systems and points. Thanks to their compact design, the SIPLUS ET 200SP RAIL distributed controllers are especially suitable for automation tasks in very small spaces. SIPLUS ET 200SP RAIL also offers the ideal solution with decentralized IO components for the SIPLUS S7-1500 RAIL advanced controller – which making a modular IO system an option. SIPLUS ET 200SP RAIL controllers are suitable for controlling fire-alarm and fire-extinguishing systems, for axle counting, and for controlling point heating and platform access doors.

Reliable network communications is a must have for monitoring and managing increasingly complex transportation infrastructures. Knowing what is happening and where: from tracking trains on their routes, to locating and addressing issues along the track, to connecting operators with important information about safety and rail conditions, effective rail system management demands both know-how and solutions that are built to last. Keeping passengers informed, maintaining safety onboard, managing and monitoring vehicle controls – all of these complex and critical functions require a robust network to keep information flowing. Railway operators face a unique challenge of maintaining a real-time awareness of what’s going on inside the train and of any factors that impact train operation. The SIPLUS extreme industrial communication components enable you to create consistent, powerful data networks that can cope with extreme environmental demands. Industrial Ethernet switches ensure targeted and reliable data distribution to corresponding addressees within an industrial network even at extreme temperatures. With SCALANCE X switches, SIPLUS like 6AG1208-0BA00-7AC2 which is based on 6GK5208-0BA00-2AC2 also offers the suitable product for high medial loads matched to the respective networking task. The coated communication processors of the SIPLUS NET range are particularly suitable for applications in the field of production and process automation. They are especially designed for application in harsh industrial environments and support an extended temperature range. SIPLUS NET reduces the load on your controller from communication tasks and thus saves resources. The range of SIPLUS network components for PROFIBUS comprises optical media converters and bus terminals. Whether extended temperature range or increased medial loads, PROFIBUS network components always offer the suitable conversion media for specific application cases.

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